This site commemorates the men and women of Collingham, Linton and Micklethwaite who served during World War 1.

Villagers who served

This page about the men/women who served is under construction.

Those who served and died in the war have already been listed. These men are shown in the list with a † alongside their name. We have also listed the men and women who we have identified who served and survived the war. Currently we have added links to a brief history of 82 people. These notes provide a brief summary of their lives and service. We are working on uploading brief histories for the rest. We have found around 150 men and women who served and it will take some time to upload all their stories. Once that is complete we will attempt to provide more detail on where they served and their lives during the Great War.


Atkinson, H

Atkinson, J


Barber, Harry

Barmstone, William Stephen

Bath, Reginald Linton

Beaumont, Harold Beecroft

Beaumont, John Beecroft

Beckitt, W

Bisby, George William

Bootland, Arthur

Bootland, Walter

Bray, Sidney Herbert

Bridges, Albert Edward

Bridges, James

Brown, Alfred

Brown, Edward William Elliott


Caird, William Ernest

Cairney, Ida Mary

Catley, Bertram

Clark, Beatrice

Colbeck-Welch, George Sidney Marsden
Cook, Harry

Cook, William ('Willie')

Cordingley, Ethel

Cordingley, Martha

Cordingley, Percival

Crampton, William Ernest

Crowther, Dudley Earle Charlesworth
Cumberland, George Robert

Curtis, Cecil Ernest


Dalby, Alan

Dalby, Arthur

Dalby, James

Dalby, Maurice

Dalby, Paver Wainwright

Dale, William

Danby, Reginald

Danby, Sidney Herbert

Dawson, Donald Stead

Dawson, George Elliott

Dawson, John William

Donaldson, Arthur Leslie

Donaldson, Eric


Edge, W

Elsworth, Charles


Fletcher, George

Fletcher, William

Ford, William Henry

Forster, George

Forster, George Adamson Norman
Frost, Albert Edward


Gale, Edgar

Gray , Darcy Philip Assheton
Graydon, Harold (Harry)


Graydon, Norman

Griffith, Arthur Lefroy Pritchard
Groves, Charles William

Groves, Charles Hewitt

Gunter, Robert Benyon Neville


Hague, Alfred Dalby

Hague, Walter

Harland, Dora Mary

Harland, James Pullan

Harland, Thomas Edmonds

Harradine, John William

Hartley, George (Jnr)

Heaps, William

Hirst, Henry Reginald

Hudson, Fred


Inman, Fred


Johnson, Albert

Johnson, Alfred

Johnson, Arthur

Johnson, David Hillery

Johnson, Ernest Jonathan

Johnson, N

Johnson, Raymond

Johnson, Robert Henry

Johnson, Walter

Johnson, William Herbert


Kay, Robert

Kelly, Philip James (Rev)


Lawrence, Frank Westmoreland
Leigh, Samuel Broadbent

Lister, Charles Percy

Low, Alban


Maggs, George Edward Hindley
March, George Haddington

March, Joseph Percival

Maskill, Charles

Masterman, John Percy Beckett
Medhurst, Charles Edward Hastings
Metcalf, Christopher Powell
Midgley, James

Midgley, Reginald Walter

Milner, George


Nelson, A

Noble, Frederick

Noble, John William


Oglivie, Wilfred

†Ordish, Joseph White


Parkinson, Arthur Lesley

Parkinson, James Herring


Phillips, George Richard

Phillips, John

Powell, Edgar

Power, Ernest


Renton, Henry Morris

Richardson, Arthur Bisby

Richardson, Elsie Mary

Richardson, William Rowson

Robinson, Walter Ord

Russell, Alfred Edward

Rutherfoord, Arthur Henry

Rutherfoord, Phillip Villiers Brownlee


Sanderson, Reginald Woolley
Sargeant, J

Saville, George Stanley

Shepherd, John

Skelton, Harry

Smith, Edward Ralph

Smith, Eric West

Smith, William Wheelhouse

Spencer, Robert Henry

Stoker, William Lee

†Swann, John William


Taylor, Harry

Thompson, Ernest Charles

Thorpe, Frank

Thorpe, J

Tiplady, Stephen

Tomlinson, Fred

Tomlinson, John (Jnr)

Tranmer, William Robert


Vincent, George Harold


Waddington, Charles Grimshaw
Waddington, George Gordon

Walker, Frank

Walker, George

White, H

Whitelock, John James Richardson
Whitley, Benjamin Greaves

Wilkinson, Geoffrey William
Wilson, Ernest

Wilson, Herbert Hedley

Wilson, John William

Wilson, John Stanley

Wilson, William Pearson Allen
Wootten, E

Wray, George Arthur

Wray, John Henry


Yeadon, John Bramley

If you have any information about any of the men listed, or have photographs of them, we will be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us at