This site commemorates the men and women of Collingham, Linton and Micklethwaite who served during World War 1. Today we especially commemorate Lieutenant William Rowson Richardson of the 21st Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment who died on this day in 1978.
Rutherfoord, Phillip Villiers Brownlee

Rank and Unit at End of World War One

Rank Lieutenant

Service Army


Regiment Royal Garrison Artillery

Buried Southend-on-Sea

Pre-war Occupation*/marital status**

Trade or Occupation pre-war: Civil servant - clerk
Marital status: Married

* Taken from attestation papers or 1911 census
** Marital status on enlistment or at start of war
Connection with Collingham, Linton or Micklethwaite and reason for inclusion on this web site

  • Named on printed lists of villagers in The Wetherby News or Collingham Parish Magazine


Family background

Phillip Villiers Brownlee Rutherfoord was born in Sydney, Australia in 1889 the son of John Brownlee Rutherfoord and his wife Ellen (nee Allanson). Phillip's brother was Arthur Henry Rutherfoord, who was Killied in Action in 1917. Phillip's parents had been born in Ireland but Arthur's siblings were born as far apart as New South Wales in Australia, Ireland and Aldborough, Yorkshire. Phillip's father had served in the Boer War and had been awarded the DSO for services during operations in that war. John died in 1910 and at some point Phillip's mother, Ellen, moved to Alma House in Collingham.

Phillip and his brother Arthur first found employment as clerks in the Government Post Office Department, and in 1911 both were living at 24 West Street, London. Just after that Arthur emigrated to South Africa as a member of the British South African Police (BSAP), but Phillip remained in the UK.

Phillip married Sarah Louisa Barr in 1914.

Service record

In World War 1, Phillip started his service as Gunner 69126 in the Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) but was subsequently commissioned on the 21st July 1917 to serve as a 2nd Lieutenant and then Lieutenant in the Royal Garrison Artillery. Phillip first went to France on the 20th May 1916.

Phillip Rutherfoord was mentioned in The Wetherby News on 16th August 1918:

Wetherby News 16 August 1918

Lieut. P.V.B. Rutherfoord, Royal Garrison Artillery, son of Mrs. Rutherfoord, has been wounded in the foot. This is the third time Lieut. Rutherfoord has been wounded. A married man, he resided at Croyden before the war, and was in the Civil Service. His brother was killed several months ago. Lieut. Rutherfoord, writing from Hospital, says - "Remember I am quite merry and bright, and I would not have missed that glorious day's fighting for a fortune. It was simply great. We got Jerry on the run and kept him at it all day."


After the war

After the war, Phillip returned to life as a Civil Servant, in 1919 being appointed as a Second Division Clerk with the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Phillip died in 1968 in Southend-on-Sea.


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