This site commemorates the men and women of Collingham, Linton and Micklethwaite who served during World War 1.
Catley, Bertram

Rank Gunner

Service Number 233216

Service Army

Battalion 3 Bty 1A Res Bde

Regiment Royal Field Artillery


Bertram Catley was born on the 13th January 1886 in Collingham, the son of Charles Catley and his wife, Ellen Grace Catley, nee Coleman.

In 1911, Bertram was living as a boarder at New Row, Boroughbridge where he was employed as a railway booking clerk.

Bertram enlisted for service in Newcastle on the 10th December 1915, but he was not mobilised until the 21st May 1917 when he became Gunner 233216 in the Royal Field Artillery (RFA) and was posted to No. 1 Depot.

After a few weeks, Bertram was posted to 3(R) Battery RFA on the 5th June 1917. From Bertram's service record it appears that he had a persistent medical condition and he was called before a Medical Board to review his case on the 22nd February 1918. With the results from this board, Bertram was transferred to the Class W reserve on the 9th March 1918. The Class W reserve were conscripted soldiers who, upon reflection, were thought to be more useful in their civil employment than in uniform, but in reserve could be called into uniform at a moments notice. The end of the war came in November 1918, and Bertram was not called back to uniform, but instead was finally discharged from the Army on the 18th February 1919.

By 1939 Bertram was living in Bridlington, and we believe he died in East Yorkshire in 1955.

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