This site commemorates the men and women of Collingham, Linton and Micklethwaite who served during World War 1.
Johnson, Ernest Jonathan


Service Army

Battalion 9th Battalion

Regiment West Yorkshire Regiment


In the Collingham Parish Magazine of February 1915 a list of names of those who were serving His Majesty and for whom parishoners were asked to pray included the name Pte Ernest Johnson of the 9th West Yorks Regiment. We believe this might be Ernest Jonathan Johnson, born in 1880 in Walton, another of the sons of Henry and Sarah Ann Johnson (see other Johnsons listed on this site).

Ernest Johnathan Johnson had married Emily Binney in Collingham on the 30th September 1903. He was a labourer.

By 1909, the family were living in Rigton, Bardsey and they were still there on census day 1911. By 1918 and 1919, they appeared on the electoral roll for Collingham, living in Main Street. On these rolls, Ernest is listed in the main list of parishoners in the electoral rolls and not in the lists of those serving in the forces. It may be that Ernest enlisted, or tried to enlist in the early part of the war, but because of his age (he would have been 38 at the start of the war) he was not called on to serve. This fact would also explain why Ernest's name does not appear alongside that of his brothers when, on the 16th April 1915, the Wetherby News published a small section of one column entitled simply "COLLINGHAM": -

Wetherby News 16 April 1915
Mr. H. Johnson, Church Street, has six sons serving with his Majesty's Forces: - Albert (Navy), Walter (Bantams), Raymond, William, Alfred and David (Kitchener's Army). Albert was a reservist prior to the outbreak of the war.


Ernest probably enlisted in the locally raised unit, the 9th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment early in the war, but was either then released from service because of his age, or transferred to a home service unit that we have not managed to trace further.

Later, in 1939, Ernest was still living in Collingham, being at Jewitt Lane in 1939 at the time of the 1939 registration list. Ernest died in 1942

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