Sources of information at the start of the war

In the first few months of the Great War, the local newspapers and parish magazines often published lists of the villagers who had volunteered and who were serving. In many cases the lists do not provide any service details but these lists are an invaluable link at least to those who were early volunteers. Below I have reproduced a few of these lists. The underlining in these lists does not appear in the original article but identifies those men from Collingham, Linton and Micklethwaite who appear on other pages of this site.

Additional List of Local Men Serving their Country From The Wetherby News - 18 September 1914

Attested at Wetherby, Sept. 12th, 1914:-
S.H.Johnson, Collingham; W.H.Johnson, Collingham; A.Wilson, Collingham; R.Walls, Sicklinghall; H.C.Day, Walshford; J. Holt, Wetherby; T. Barnes, Bickerton; W.G.Clayforth, Wetherby; P.Shields, Wetherby.
Attested at Tockwith, Sept. 12th, 1914:-
H.Huddleston, Rufforth; G.W.Kilham, Marston; M.Dodsworth, Tockwith; W.R.Wilson, Cowthorpe; H. Dickinson, Marston; A.Tomlinson, Wighill; H.Barnes, Wighill; E.Horner, Marston; G.R.Dalton, Bilton; E.Ward, Wighill; P.Hodgson, Wighill; E.F.Midgley, Cowthorpe; J.Chapman, Bilton; F.Poole, Tockwith.
Attested at York, Sept. 8th, 1914:-
R.Ibbotson; Steele; Hurst; G.Clayton, Wetherby; A.Garforth, Wetherby; H.White, Micklethwaite; J.Thorpe, Micklethwaite; E.Wootten, Micklethwaite; W.Bickett; W.Edge, Micklethwaite; J.Atkinson, Micklethwaite.
Attested at Harrogate:-
F.Nicholson, Kirk Deighton; R.Nicholson, Kirk Deighton; *M.Dalby, Wetherby; Gordon Hall, Kirk Deighton; A.Winterburn, Kirk Deighton; J.Bell, Castleford; C.Slawson, Kirk Deighton; W.H.Swann, Kirk Deighton; A.Clarke, Hunsingore; E.Taylor; G.Myers, Walshford; S.H.Danby, Collingham; H.Graydon, Collingham; H.Atkinson, Collingham.
*M.Dalby was under the heading of Navy in one of our editions, which should be Kitchener's Army.
Last total Kitchener's Army recruited at Wetherby-44; since-49; total-93.


Roll of Local Mem Serving King and Country in the Navy, Army and Auxiliary Forces
From The Wetherby News - 23 October 1914

Among a very long list of names appears:

A.E.Frost, employed at the Grange; H.Taylor, Micklethwaite; H.White, Micklethwaite; F.Thorpe, Micklethwaite; E.Wootten, Micklethwaite; W.Beckitt, Wetherby Grange; W.Edge, Wetherby Grange; J.Atkinson, Wetherby Grange; F.Tomlinson, Micklethwaite; W.Dale, Micklethwaite.


ON HIS MAJESTY’S SERVICE From Collingham Parish Magazine December 1914

The following is a list, as complete as we have been able to make it, of all those parishioners or friends and relations of parishioners who are at present serving in His Majesty’s Forces either on land or sea. We shall be glad if any additional names can be supplied:

  • Beaumont, John - Northern Signals Company, Royal Engineers
  • Danby, Sidney Herbert - 11th West Yorkshires
  • Danby, Reginald - Lancashire Fusiliers
  • Forster, G.
  • Graydon, H.
  • Griffith, Arthur.
  • Johnson, Albert
  • Johnson, David - 9th West Yorks
  • Johnson, William - 9th West Yorks
  • Low, Alban
  • Maggs, George Maj - 4th KOYLI
  • Metcalf, Christopher Powell - Commander HMS Wear
  • Midgley, J. - Royal Horse Artillery
  • Powell, Edgar - RN Reserve
  • Power, Ernest - RN HM’s Monitor Severn
  • Smith, Eric
  • Waddington, George
  • Waddington, Carl - RAMC
  • Wilson, Alan - 9th West Yorks


THE JUMBLE SALE AND TEA From Collingham Parish Magazine January 1915

Proceeds of a sale made £12 4s 1d and went to presents for the men of Collingham who had volunteered, these were listed as:

  • Lieut Boughey
  • Maj Maggs
  • Lieut Waddington
  • Pte Waddington, RAMC
  • Lieut Beaumont
  • R Smith
  • S Danby
  • H Graydon
  • G Foster
  • A Nelson
  • N Johnson
  • D Johnson
  • A Johnson
  • RW Midgley


  From Collingham Parish Magazine February 1915

Names of those who are serving His Majesty and for whom we are asked to pray:

  • Lieut John Beecroft Beaumont, Norther Signal Coy. RE now attached to the regular Army
  • Sgt Harold Beecroft Beaumont, Officer’s Training Corps
  • Pte Sidney Herbert Danby, 11th West Yorks
  • Pte Reginald Danby, Lancs
  • Lieut Eric Donaldson
  • Lieut Arthur Donaldson, 13th Rifle Brigade
  • Pte George Forster, 9th West Yorks
  • Pte Harry Graydon
  • Lieut Arthur Griffith DSO, 36 Batt RFA
  • Lieut Allix Griffith
  • Pte Albert Johnson, RN
  • Pte David Johnson, 9th West Yorks
  • Pte Raymond Johnson, 9th West Yorks
  • Pte Ernest Johnson, 9th West Yorks
  • Pte William Johnson, 9th West Yorks
  • Lieut Alban Low, R Irish Fus.
  • Maj George Maggs, 4th KOYLI
  • Commander Christopher Powell Metcalf, RM, HMS Weir
  • Gnr James Midgley, RHA
  • Seaman Edgar Powell, RN Reserve
  • Seaman Ernest Power, RN, HM Monitor Severn
  • Pte Eric Smith
  • Lieut George Waddington, RGA
  • Lieut Carl Waddington, RAMC
  • Pte Alan Wilson, 9th West Yorks

There are 16 sons and nephews of the Hastings’ Trustees serving their King and Country.