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Brown, Edward William Elliott

Connection with Collingham, Linton or Micklethwaite and reason for inclusion on this web site
  • Named as an Absent Voter due to Naval or Military Service on the 1918 or 1919 Absent Voter list for Collingham, Linton or Micklethwaite
Family background

The name of Edward William Elliott Brown appears on the electoral roll of Collingham in 1918 where he is listed as an absent voter on account of Naval or Military service.

Edward was the son of William Wilkinson Brown and his wife, Eliza Emma Brown (nee Elliott). William and Eliza had married on the 25th December 1897 at St.Clement Church, Sheepscar, Leeds. At that time William gave his address as being in Morecombe and his occupation as a manager. William and Eliza started a family and according to later records (the 1911 census) had five children of whom only two had survived until 1911. Those two children were Edward William Elliott Brown and Alan Elliott Brown [note that the spelling of Elliott is sometimes found as Eliott and that of Alan sometimes as Allan]. Edward was born in 1898 and Alan on the 14th November 1899. The family may have made their homes close to Morecombe at that time or they may have visited briefly but both boys were baptised at St. Barnabus Church in Morecombe on the same day, the 31st May 1900. Their father gave his occupation at the time as a grocer of Leeds.

From the records we have found it appears that William was changing occupations around this time and the family were also moving. By the date of the 1901 census, Edward William Elliott Brown, Alan Elliott Brown and their mother Eliza Emma Brown were living at 96 Bankside Street in Potter Newton Leeds. They formed part of a larger household headed by Eliza E Bond aged 63, a music book dealer from Leeds. This entry is difficult to read and the surname is uncertain - confusing as well the head of this household shared christian names with William Wilkinson Brown's wife. Also present were Eliza "Bond's" son, John William Brown aged 40, also a music dealer; Eliza E Brown (William Wilkinson's wife), aged 31, and the two children, Edward WE Brown, aged 2 and Allan E Brown, aged 1. Edward G Brown, aged 27, a professor of violin music and two domestic servants completed the household. It is clear that the Elliott family were very musical, and William and Eliza moved into occupations in the music business.

By 1911, William and Eliza had moved to live at 11 Elford Terrace in Harehills in Leeds. William now gave his occupation as a music seller. His wife Eliza was 41, Edward was 12, and Alan 11. William Elliott Brown, aged 50, a single man who worked as a music seller's assistant was also living there and we think this may be the John William Brown aged 40 in the 1901 census.

We do not know exactly when the Brown family moved to Collingham, but the inclusion of Edward's name on the electoral roll suggests they moved sometime in the 1910s.

Service record

Despite knowing from the electoral roll that Edward served in the Great War, we have not been able to precisely identify him or locate his service record. There is no record for anyone named Edward William Elliott Brown in the First World War medal records, but there are 13 men named Edward William Brown, none named Edward Elliott Brown and 580 named Edward Brown. We are not yet able to identify which of these was the Edward Brown we are searching for. If you are able to help us identify him, please contact us.

After the war

After the war the family returned to Collingham and settled. From 1920 to 1924 they are listed on the electoral rolls of Collingham: Alan Eliott Brown at Harewood Road; Edward William Elliott Brown at Collingham and Eliza Emma Brown and William Brown at Langwith. The 1921 census reveals the family living at Harewood Road, Collingham. William is the head of the household and was still a music seller. Eliza Emma was a music seller's assistant. Edward William Elliott Brown gave his occupation as a clerk, while Allan Elliott Brown was listed as a wireless transmitter operator, out of work. They had a housekeeper, Elizabeth Hariett Harrison.

It is possible that Edward William Elliott Brown married Gladys May Hewson on the 25th July 1927 at Harewood - there is a record of this marriage for an Edward Elliott Brown, bachelor of Harewood on that date.

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