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Thompson, Ernest Charles

Buried Athelhampton with Burleston, Dorset

Connection with Collingham, Linton or Micklethwaite and reason for inclusion on this web site
  • Named as an Absent Voter due to Naval or Military Service on the 1918 or 1919 Absent Voter list for Collingham, Linton or Micklethwaite

The name of Ernest Charles Thompson appears on the electoral roll of Micklethwaite in 1915, and in 1918 he is listed as an absent voter on account of Naval or Military service. It is interesting that on this electoral roll, the next entry is for a Rose Thompson. By 1919, Ernest and Rose appear again on the electoral roll for Micklethwaite, but Ernest is not marked as absent, so it appears he must have returned from his Military Service.

Family background

We made an assumption that Rose was Ernest's wife and used that information to try to identify him. We found a Ernest Charles Thompson, born on the 10th February 1877 in Histon Cambridgeshire, who married Rose Rosbroke (or sometimes Rosbrook) in the second quarter of 1900 in Suffolk. Ernest's parents were Charles and Elizabeth Thompson. In 1901, Ernest and Rose were living at 87 Barrow Hill Road, Barrow in Suffolk with Rose's parents. Ernest was described in the census as an apprentice electrician. By 1911, Ernest and Rose were living in their own home in Great Barton, with Ernest's occupation now given as a domestic electrician working at a "Gentleman's private house". They had had two children, Ernest J R Thompson, born in 1909, and Muriel Elizabeth Rosbrook Thompson born in 1910. Both children born in Great Barton, Bury St.Edmunds, Suffolk.

As well as working as an electrician we believe Ernest may well have undertaken other jobs such as a chauffeur. A newspaper report from 1906 provides some insights:

The Evening Star and Daily Herald July 19th 1906



At Bury Borough Sessions to-day (Thursday), before the Mayor (C.H. Bullen, Esq.) who presided; J. Floyd, Esq., W. Jaggard, Esq., C.J.E. Sparke, Esq., E. Stork, Esq., and S. Leigh, Esq., in the Guildhall, Ernest Charles Thompson, of Great Barton, chauffeur, was charged with driving a motor-car at a speed exceeding 20 miles an hour in Risbygate Street, on July 4th. - Mr. C.E. Salmon defended.
Police-sergt. Double, stationed at Bury, said that on the 4th inst., about 5p.m., he was on duty in Risbygate Street, in company with P.-c.'s Saunders and Warner, timing the speed of motor-cars. He had previously measured a distance from Lambert's Square to the Falcon Inn. Witness placed P.-c. Saunders at the measured end near the Falcom and he (witness) stood at Lambert's Square, about six yards outside the measured point. P.-c. Saunders and himself had stopwatches. At 5.45 p.m. witness saw a car approach Saunders from the direction of Newmarket. He received a signal from P.-c. Saunders, who held up a white handkerchief. Witness examined his stopwatch and as soon as the car got in line with witness, he stopped the watch, and saw that the car covered the furlong in 17 seconds, at a rate of 26 miles 824 yards per hour, and the car was stopped. Witness told defendant of his calculations. Witness showed the stop-watch to defendant and the gentleman who accompanied him, and pointed out that the hand was on the 17 seconds. Police-constable Saunders gave corroborative evidence, and added that he considered he gave the car at least two yards benefit. He was unable to see Sergt. Double's reply signal on account of so much dust, and he could not therefore stop his watch. Police-constable Warner also gave evidence, and said that defendant gave the name of Ernest James Thompson, driver to Mr. F. Riley-Smith, of Barton Hall.
Mr. Salmon, in defence, urged that the speed over such a distance as a furlong made every second valuable, and made just the difference between the defendant's guilt and the right to an acquittal. There appeared to be only one witness to speed. He also took the objection that the section referring to intimation of a summons had not been complied with, inasmuch as the first notice received was that of the summons some ten days afterwards from the Superintendent of Police.
The Magistrates having consulted, the Mayor said that the Bench found that the defendent was driving at a greater rate than the maximum speed allowed, and he ought to exercise greater care whilst driving through the town. A fine of £1, and 8s. 6d. costs, was imposed.


Between 1911 and 1915 Ernest and Rose must have moved to Yorkshire, as Ernest is on the electoral roll in Micklethwaite in 1915. It is interesting that Mr Frank Riley-Smith of Barton Hall near Bury St.Edmunds, who Ernest had worked with, died in March 1912. Riley-Smith had been born in Harrogate and had relatives in Tadcaster, and we wonder if connections had prompted Ernest and Rose to re-locate to the Wetherby area and, given his address in Micklethwaite, we could speculate whether he moved to take up a post at Wetherby Grange. It is also noteworthy that later in life, in 1939, Ernest gives his occupation as a retired chauffeur.

Service record

There are 9 men named Ernest Charles Thompson, or EC Thompson, and another four named Charles Ernest Thompson, in the medal rolls for the first World War and we have not been able to precisely identify the Micklethwaite man or locate his service record. It is also possible that he did not qualify for any medal and may not be identifiable in this way.

After the war

In 1920 and in 1921, Ernest and Rose are on the electoral rolls for Kirk Deighton (Ingmanthorpe), but after 1921 we have not been able to find them in the area.

For 1924 and 1925 we have found an Ernest Thompson living with a Rose Thompson at 12 New Quebec Street, St. Marylebone, Westminster but do not know if this is the same couple.

In 1931 Ernest and Rose's daughter married in Dorset so the family may have moved to that county, and at the 1939 registration Ernest and Rose were living at 8 Charles Street, Dorchester. We believe that Ernest died in Dorset on the 6th July 1942 and he was buried on the 9th July 1942 at Athelhampton with Burleston, Admiston, Dorset.

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1911 Census. The National Archives. Class RG14 Piece 10633

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