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Cordingley, Percival

Buried Ipswich

Connection with Collingham, Linton or Micklethwaite and reason for inclusion on this web site
  • Named as an Absent Voter due to Naval or Military Service on the 1918 or 1919 Absent Voter list for Collingham, Linton or Micklethwaite

Percival Cordingley's name appears on the electoral roll for Collingham in 1918 showing he was absent due to Naval or Military service, but we have been unable to trace exactly what that service was, and why he was classified in that way.

In 1881, Walter Cordingley was the publican of the White Swan at 220 Kirkgate Wakefield and was living their on census day with his wife Mary, son Arthur Richard and daughters Ethel and Martha. Walter was from Bradford and his wife was from Sandal Magna. Also present on the 3rd April 1881 at the White Swan was a female domestic servant whose name is difficult to read but appears to be Teale Gilbert. The census tells us that Arthur had been born in Hunslett while both Ethel and Martha were born in Wakefield. Arthur was baptised on the 2nd November 1872. At that time Walter was an Engine Fitter. A later record (the 1939 registration list) tells us that Ethel was born on the 9th June 1875, and Martha on the 15th June 1880. Ethel was baptised on the 18th July 1875, and at that time Walter was recorded as a mechanic, while Martha's baptism was on the 25th July 1880. By that time Walter gave his occupation as publican. In 1887 another son, Walter (Jr) was baptised (on the 10th July 1887). Unfortunately Walter (Jr) only lived to the age of 22 months and he was buried in New Wortley on the 15th April 1889.

By 1891, the family have moved and Walter is now the licensed victualer of The Barley Corn Inn at 101 Whitehall Road, Wortley. By this time Arthur is a Student and a Civil Servant, Ethel is a domestic servant and Martha a scholar. They are joined by Gertrude (born in Wakefield in 1882) and Percival (born in Leeds on the 7th January 1890). In 1897 Arthur Richard Cordingley married Helena Kate Cliff and Walter (Jr) married Mary Cliff on the 17th July 1892.

The 1901 census for Wortley is very hard to read but the Cordingley family are still there. Walter, Mary, Ethel, Martha, Gertrude and Percival.

Another family wedding, this time of Gertrude, took place on the 2nd February 1908 in Wortley when she married Lancelot Matthews. Martha Cordingley acting as one of the witnesses.

On the 2nd April 1911, the next census records the Cordingley family still at 101 Whitehall Road, Bramley; but now living at home are only Ethel, Martha and Percy. Ethel and Martha both help their father with the pub while Percy is a Fire Insurance Clerk.

We have found no link between the Cordingley family and Collingham until 1918 when Walter and Mary both appear on the electoral roll for Collingham. In a separate section of the roll the names of Ethel, Martha and Percival all appear, but all are marked as absent voters and as NM, in other words as Naval or Military Voters. It is this connection that we have tried to trace and why they are all recorded on this web site.

By the following year, 1919, Mary, Ethel, Martha and Percival are all on the Collingham electoral roll and all seem to have the NM marking removed. Noticable is that Walter does not appear and we have found that he died in 1918 and his death was registered in the Wetherby district.

We do not know what Ethel, Martha or Percival did in The Great War which might have resulted in the absent voter NM status.

On the 18th October 1922, Percival married Winifred Smith in St. Oswald's Church, Collingham.

After the war Ethel remains on the electoral roll for Collingham for a number of years, joined initially by Percival (until about 1921) and by Matilda (we wonder if Martha was known by this other name). They remain living at Rosedene, Collingham until 1938. The following year, at the time of the 1939 Registration, Ethel and Martha are registered at The Haven, 7 Linton Road, Wetherby and we find records of them on the electoral roll until 1956 at that address. Meanwhile Percival and Winifred Cordingley have left the Collingham/Wetherby area and are recorded at 31, Gills Hill, Radlett near Watford. Percival was described as a Technical Officer and Suveyor for the Fire Officers Committee.

Ethel Cordingley died on the 15th January 1962 at Willow Dene, Willow Farm, Mellis near Diss. Just a month later Ethel's brother Percy (otherwise Percival) died at the same address on the 18th February 1962.

If you have any further information about any of the service of the Cordingley family we would be pleased to hear from you.

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